All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go

I was excited about this one. A trip into the heart of Wales with my best mate and truck full of kit.

With Dorothy loaded up and fresh from a recent service, Matt and I headed out. We trundled along the M4 and into South Wales. By 1am we had found a spot to rest up for the evening. It was at the end of, what the OS map labelled, an ‘other route with public access’.

Following a good sleep, nutritious breakfast (bacon) and morning of work, we discussed the options for the remainder of the day. That moment the planets aligned and I received a call from a climbing buddy. He was on the M4, just past Cardiff, looking for someone to climb with!

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A New Beginning

There’s a butterfly on a beam above my bed at home. It appeared one evening in July and never left.
Every evening since, as I’ve dozed off, I’ve wondered if I will do the same at some point in my life. Just stop, settle and die (- don’t worry the whole post isn’t morbid!)

It’s a cliché, but life is short. Very short indeed. One of my favourite t shirts reads:

Life* (*for a limited time only)

A month ago I decided to do something. Something that goes against every play-it-safe, conservative, risk-averse bone in my body. I bought a long wheel base Land Rover Defender, to live in. I plan to run my business and see the world, both at the same time. I will be cold, ‘homeless’ and entirely reliant on my whits and ability to generate an income.

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Ready for anything?

I like photography. I mean I like looking at it. I have no idea how it works.

I have no idea what aperture, ISO or shutter speed settings do, not really. I’d like to learn though. So. Here’s a style of photo I’ve seen done before and my attempt to emulate it.

compass, spoon, axe, penknife, stove, cup, matches, head torch

What do these bits mean to me? They’re simply pieces of equipment that have made my time in the great outdoors easier at one point or another.